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TWTD Archive – November 6th, 1976

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Originally broadcast on WNIB
Saturday, November 6th, 1976

DUFFY’S TAVERN (1940s) Ed Gardner stars as Archie, the Manager, who tries to go on the radio with Pierre, the Singing Dog!

SUSPENSE (2-14-46) “Lucky Lady” starring Fay Bainter. A cat is blamed for murder.

THE STORY OF DR. KILDARE (1940s) Lew Ayers and Lionel Barrymore star. Edward Carlton is bitten by a neighbor’s dog.

ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES (2-22-48) “The Wooden Claw” is the title of the case about a series of murders by a mys­terious “cat killer.”

ETHEL AND ALBERT (7-14-47) Peg Lynch and Alan Bunce. Teddy the dog vs. Mrs. Friderbach. (15 min)

ARCH OBOLER PRESENTS — “Cat Wife.” A man’s wife becomes…..!

RED SKELTON SHOW (1940s) Skelton’s Scrapbook of Satire offers Willie Lump-Lump’s Lost Dog and Junior, the Mean Widdle Kid, the Mean Widdle Dog Fancier.