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TWTD Archive – October 15, 1994

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Originally broadcast on WNIB
Saturday, October 15, 1994

WORLD NEWS TODAY (10-15-44) CBS reports with WW II news reports.  “The last 18 hours have brought the greatest air attacks of all time against Germany. The German News Agency has announced the death of Field Marshall Rommell, the ‘Desert Fox’.”

SPEAKING OF RADIO The Jack Benny Program (10-15-94) Part 9 in the 12-part audio documentary. In this segment: Drug store lunch; Professor LeBlanc; George Burns sings Jack’s song; CBS closed-circuit broadcast and Benny promotional announcements; Jack’s first show on CBS.  Comments by Jack Benny, manager Irving Fein, writer George Balzer.

EDDIE CANTOR SHOW (10-18-44) A stateside WW II show for personnel at Roosevelt Navy Base in California. Guest is Esther Williams in her first radio appearance.

THE HOME FRONT (1982) Part 3: Arsenal of Democracy – 1941.

FIBBER MC GEE AND MOLLY (10-17-44) Fibber runs out of maple syrup for his wheat cakes, so he decides to tap the maple tree on the front lawn.  WW II setting.