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TWTD Archive – October 31st, 1992

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Originally broadcast on WNIB
Saturday, October 31, 1992 

INNER SANCTUM (10-31-49) “A Corpse for Halloween” with Larry Haines, Berry Kroger and Mercedes McCambridge. 

OUR MISS BROOKS (10-30-49) The gang wants to have a Halloween party at Miss Brooks’ house. 

SUSPENSE (9-30-62) “Devilstone” is the final show in the long-running series that began in 1942. A wealthy man inherits property from a long-forgotten uncle. 

ROY ROGERS SHOW (10-30-52) Dale Evans buys a map to the Halloween Gold Mine in Boulder Canyon. 

ADVENTURES OF OZZIE AND HARRIET (10-31-48) David and Ricky insist they saw a ghost in the old McAdams place. Ozzie decides to disprove their fears by going into the “haunted” house. 

MYSTERY HOUSE (1944) “Thirsty Death” starring Bela Lugosi with John Carradine. A disease drives animals wild in darkest Africa, changing domestic dogs to wild demons.