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TWTD Archive – September 16, 1995

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Originally broadcast on WNIB
Saturday, September 16, 1995

OUR MISS BROOKS (9-10-50) Eve Arden stars as Miss Brooks. Rumors are flying as the fall semester begins.

ONE MAN’S FAMILY (4-18-51) Book 84, Chapter 23. “The plumber comeith.”

WE TAKE YOU BACK (3-13-58) On the 20th Anniversary of the CBS News program “World News Round-Up,” reporters Edward R. Murrow, Robert Trout, Dallas Townsend, William L. Schrier, H. V. Kaltenborn and John Daly commemorate the start of regular CBS news broadcasts.

ACADEMY AWARD (10-9-46) “It Happened Tomorrow” starring Eddie Bracken and Ann Blythe. A reporter is able to get tomorrow’s news today.

BIG TOWN (9-21-48) “Final Payment.” Steve Wilson and Lorelei Kilbourn of the Illustrated Press work together to smash an obituary racket.

ONE MAN’S FAMILY (4-19-51) Book 84, Chapter 24. “Clifford Barbour, baby sitter.”

ONE MAN’S FAMILY (4-20-51) Book 84, Chapter 25. “When it rains it pours.”

NOTE: This is the final One Man’s Family program in our series this year. Next summer on TWTD: Book 85: “Claudia’s daughter Joan wants an apartment” plus “Clifford and Toots Schultz.”