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TWTD Archive – September 17th, 1994

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Originally broadcast on WNIB
Saturday, September 17, 1994

GREAT GILDERSLEEVE (5-16-43)  Gildy suggests moving to another house, but the family resists. Harold Peary as Gildersleeve.

WORLD NEWS TODAY (9-10-44) CBS correspondents report on WW II.  “More than a thousand American planes were out this morning smashing a German transport behind the Siegfried line.”  Also: “50,000 radio and radar workers will be honored at Wrigley Field in Chicago.”

LUX RADIO THEATRE (2-28-44) “Guadalcanal Diary” starring Preston Foster, Lloyd Nolan, Richard Jaekel and William Bendix in the WW II story that follows the Marines through two months of fighting in the South Sea jungles.

WORDS AT WAR (9-12-44) “One Man Air Force” is the story of one of America’s top fighting aces of WW II.

ONE MAN’S FAMILY (2-2-51) Book 82, Chapter 25.

ONE MAN’S FAMILY (2-5-51) Book 82, Chapter 26.

ONE MAN’S FAMILY (2-6-51) Book 82, Chapter 27. NOTE:  This is the last episode in Book 82 and the logical end of this One Man’s Family story.  Next week, we’ll offer four surviving chapters from Book 83, giving a fragmented look at the storyline of the next Book.

NOTE:  KEN ALEXANDER substitutes for Chuck Schaden on this broadcast.