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TWTD Archive – September 2, 1995

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Originally broadcast on WNIB
Saturday, September 2, 1995

JAPANESE SURRENDER CEREMONY (9-2-45) “Tonight the guns are silent, bombers grounded, battleships at anchor.” The complete eyewitness report on the final capitulation of the Japanese Empire, on board the Battleship Missouri in Tokyo Bay. General Douglas MacArthur conducts the surrender ceremonies, followed by addresses to the American people by President Truman, General MacArthur and Admiral Chester W. Nimitz.

WORLD NEWS TODAY (9-2-45) Robert Trout reporting. “On this V-J Day, CBS reporters are waiting to bring you first-hand news from the world’s political and battlefronts. Japan has surrendered. That’s submitting four home islands to the forces of occupation and renouncing the stolen empire overseas. The occupation troops are moving in gradually, slowly extending the area under Allied control. Thousands of miles from Japan, the Japanese forces are slowly yielding the territory they had fought to rule forever.”

GREAT GILDERSLEEVE (9-2-45) The first show of the new season falls on the official V-J Day. Marjorie and Leroy try to convince their Uncle Throckmorton that they should go to the lake for the Labor Day weekend.

COMMAND PERFORMANCE (9-2-45) A special V-J Day program for military audiences as well as civilian listeners stateside. An all-star cast observes the end of the war: Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Dinah Shore, Frank Sinatra, Frances Langford, Orson Welles, Major Meredith Willson and the AFRS orchestra. President Truman has a victory message.

BOB HOPE SHOW (9-11-45) On his first show of the new season, Bob salutes Hollywood’s contribution to bring about V-J Day. Guest is Robert Montgomery. Regulars include Frances Langford, Jerry Colonna, Skinnay Ennis and the orchestra.

NOTE: This TWTD broadcast concludes our four-year observation of the 50th Anniversary of World War II. Thanks for listening.