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TWTD Archive – September 7th, 1996

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Originally broadcast on WNIB
Saturday, September 7th, 1996

ONE MAN’S FAMILY (5-24-51) Book 85, Chapter 24: “Young attorney at home.”

ONE MAN’S FAMILY (5-25-51) Book 85, Chapter 25: “Joan and Jim Beech.”

ONE MAN’S FAMILY (5-28-51) Book 86, Chapter 1: “Henry and family at the Sky Ranch.”

ONE MAN’S FAMILY (5-29-51) Book 86, Chapter 2: “Clifford gets in deeper.”

ONE MAN’S FAMILY (5-30-51) Book 86, Chapter 3: “Pinky and the battleship.”  Note: Chapters 4 and 5 are missing from our collection.

ONE MAN’S FAMILY (6-4-51) Book 86, Chapter 6. This is the final chapter in our collection of mostly consecutive One Man’s Family broadcasts from 1951.

Now we jump ahead almost eight years to listen to the final five episodes of the series that began in 1932:

ONE MAN’S FAMILY (4-20-59) Book 134, Chapter 16: “Big news from Scotland.”

ONE MAN’S FAMILY (4-21-59) Book 134, Chapter 17: “The homecoming.”

ONE MAN’S FAMILY (4-22-59) Book 134, Chapter 18: “Betty lowers the boom.”

ONE MAN’S FAMILY (4-23-59) Book 134, Chapter 19: “The silent partner makes a move.”

ONE MAN’S FAMILY (4-24-59) Book 134, Chapter 20: “Confessions of a bridegroom.”

On April 24, 1959, after 27 years, One Man’s Family was removed from the broadcast schedule without ceremony. Today we say good-bye to all those wonderful Carlton E. Morse characters with what, in our view, might have been the final show in the series if Mr. Morse and his cast had been given such an opportunity:

ONE MAN’S FAMILY FINALE (9-7-96) Ken Alexander has written an original script based on the characters in this long-running series.  Members of our Those Were The Days Radio Players will bring it to life on the air as we hear Ken’s version of what might have been the final chapter in the last book of One Man’s Family:  It’s a lovely afternoon in the middle of June.  It’s a Saturday, and all is quiet at 264 Sea Cliff Drive.  Paul is writing letters in his studio at the top of the house.  Mother Barbour is doing some mending in the sewing room, while Father Barbour lovingly tends his rosebushes in the garden.  Meanwhile, next door, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Barbour, here too all is quiet.  All six daughters are out of the house, and we find Jack and Betty relaxing in the kitchen where, on the table between them, stand a carton of milk, two glasses, and a cookie jar filled with golden-brown cookies.