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TWTD Archives – March 20th, 1993

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Originally broadcast on WNIB
Saturday, March 20, 1993

RICHARD DIAMOND, PRIVATE DETECTIVE (3-5-50) Dick Powell is the private eye who investigates a snake and a gunshot.

GREAT GILDERSLEEVE (1-31-43) Gildy is on the committee to help raise money for a new fire engine for Summerfield. WW II flavor.

WORLD NEWS TODAY (3-21-43) WW II news reports:  “Adolph Hitler has made his first speech since last November, admitting that Germany is a war zone under Allied bombings.”

FIBBER MC GEE AND MOLLY (3-23-43) Fibber has been appointed to collect funds for the 1943 American Red Cross campaign.  WW II theme.

WINSTON CHURCHILL (3-21-43) The British Prime Minister speaks from London to listeners at home and overseas about the state of the war and some recent successes. WW II content.

CBS WORLD NEWS (3-21-43) Douglas Edwards reports to listeners immediately following the Churchill speech. WW II content.