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Nostalgia Newsletter and Nostalgia Digest Covers, 1974-2005
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          Nostalgia Digest Origin #1

After “Those Were The Days” went on the air May 2, 1970 on WLTD,

Evanston, we felt we needed a way to communicate with listeners to

inform them of our advance program schedule.

We decided to prepare an informal “program guide” that would be sent

free to anyone who requested it.

          Nostalgia Digest Origin #2

This “gatefold” publication listed our TWTD programming schedule

for three months at a time and was sent by first class mail courtesy

of North West Federal Savings, our prime sponsor.  This began on

August 1, 1970 and continued thru August, 1972. 

          Nostalgia Digest Origin #3

After August, 1972, the free mailing to listeners who called for the

program guide was discontinued and replaced by monthly TWTD

listings in  “Directions,” a publication sent by North West Federal

to their savings and loan account holders.  Hundreds of TWTD

listeners called to open accounts at NWF so they would continue

to know our program schedule in advance.

          Nostalgia Digest Origin #4

In December, 1974 the first issue of our Nostalgia Newsletter and

Radio Guide, published by our TWTD program, was offered on a

paid subscription basis to  listeners. It would sent monthly, by first

class mail.

          Nostalgia Digest Origin #5

A year later, beginning on October 1975 the full-page newsletter

became booklet-size with a full-cover photo on each cover.