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We invite you to listen to a complete 4-hour program from the 39-year run of Those Were The Days (1970—2009) hosted by Radio Hall of Famer Chuck Schaden. The encore programs that run on this page are exactly as first broadcast over the air. They contain vintage radio shows, special guests and commercials and messages as originally presented on WLTD, Evanston (May 2, 1970 thru July 31, 1975); on WNIB, Chicago (September 6, 1975 thru February 10, 2001) and on WDCB, DuPage County (February 3, 2001 thru June 27, 2009). Encores are selected by us and are available on demand 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week. Program selections are added every week on Wednesday, 6 a.m. Central Time.

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Originally broadcast on WNIB
Saturday, March 22, 1997

MURDER BY EXPERTS (5-25-50) “Three’s a Crowd” hosted by Brett Halliday.  A man finds himself immersed in a web of jealousy and violence with an ending he didn’t foresee.

IMAGINATION THEATRE (4-21-96) “A double feature movie for your mind.”  1. “The Loophole” starring Hans Conried as a desperate man whose job was “downsized” just before he became eligible for retirement benefits. 2. “The Island.” A bombastic talk show host and a female reporter are marooned on an unknown island when his private plane is forced down.

HAL KEMP AND HIS ORCHESTRA (3-24-40) Remote broadcast from the Empire Room of the Palmer House in Chicago with Vocals by Janet Blair and the Smoothies.

SCREEN DIRECTORS’ PLAYHOUSE (3-17-50) “Champion” starring Kirk Douglas with Frank Lovejoy in the story of a boxer who punches his way to the top.

PLEASE STAND BY –A History of Radio (1986) Lesson 24: Something to Hear reviews the work of radio “talkers,” the effect they had on listeners, and the reasons for their appeal.

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